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Plant trees and act for forests

Atmosylva puts into action projects for planting trees, preserving natural environments and forests, carbon sinks and reservoirs of biodiversity

Why plant trees in France ?

Take action to preserve French forests

Our forests are subject to many hazards (storms, droughts, fires, diseases and parasites) and sime are severely degraded. Plantations and forestry work are necessary to restore these natural spaces. 

Develop forest carbon sinks

Trees have this extraordinary ability to capture and store CO2 through photosynthesis. Planting trees or helping the forest to regenerate multiplies this potential for carbon sinks in our territories.

Preserving biodiversity and natural spaces

Ecosystems have suffered severe degradation and biodiversity is increasingly threatened in our regions. Preserving habitats and natural environments in forests or in open areas has therefore become a priority

Mobilize sustainably managed renewable resources

Encouraging the sustainable management of forests means making it possible to mobilize wood as a sustainable and renewable resource, intended to replace fossil materials and fuels that emit high greenhouse gases during their production or consumtpion. 

Adapting the forest to climate change

Climate change causes recurrent droughts. These changes are too rapid in relation to the rate of adaptation of trees and modification of their range. It is therefore essential to plant species better suited to the climate. 

Multiply Environmental and socio-economic co-benefits

Trees play an essential role in the water cycle, limit soil erosion, absorb polluting gases, lower the temperature.

The forest mobilizes an entire forest and wood sector, local jobs, not to mention the social role of the forest and its benefits for an entire territoriy. 

Take action and carry a message

Become a forest ambassador

With your action, you can impact and raise awareness all around you

Being able to act directly for nature and forests
Share your action and encourage those around you to plant trees
Join the community of nature actors
Our vision

Close to the forests

We analyze the technical aspects of our projects and follow up during the maintenance

Our mission for forests

Atmosylva's approach

Our mission is to act for forests, biodiversity and the climate. We work to preserve and perpetuate this necessary link between our societies and nature. 

Scientific approach

A scientific approach, closer to the challenges of the forest

Environmental regulations

We pay attention to environmental standards applicable to projects

Knowledge of forest and wood stakeholders

We work in close collaboration with all actors in the forest and timber industry

Our projects in France

Find a forestry project

The selection and monitoring of forestry projects require knowledge of forest management, of the actors in an entire sector and of the legal mechanisms to ensure proper monitoring of these projects. This is why we put all our skills in these areas at your service to offer the most relevant projects. We pay attention to the history of these projects, the choice of species and the methods of implementation to better transmit and make discover the world of the forest. 

Our projects

Planting trees

Tree planting gift card

Offer trees to plant

A meaningful gift

A meaningful gift

Offer a tree to plant

You have received a gift card !

  • Choose the project of your choice among our forestry project
  • Indicate the name to be entered on the planting certificate
  • Indicate the number of trees to be planted on your gift card (or more if you wish)
  • Go to your basket then click on "Complete your order"
  • Enter your code in the "Enter your Gift Card code here" section and apply your code
  • Then finalize and validate your order, your will receive your planting certificate and all the information on your project !


Please note from 28 January 2024: Gift card codes ar valid for 6 months after the date shown on the gift card. After this 6-month period, if the code has not been used or has been partially used, the trees remaining to be planted will be planted by Atmosylva on a project available on the Atmosylva website. So your trees will be planted no matter what!

I am an individual

I am an individual

Plant or donate trees on a personal basis

I am a company / public body

I am a company / public body

Ethical commitments for forests

I am an investor

I am an investor

Investing in the future of forests

I am a forester

I am a forester

I propose a forest - biodiversity project

Our articles

Forest log

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Our forestry projects

Our recent projects

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Presence of Atmosylva

A very active team !

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