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For Forests and Biodiversity

Giving a tree to plant means sharing an action and transmitting a message for the preservation of our forests in France.

It is to sensitize your loved ones and those you want to associate with a meaningful action.

For all occasions, birthday, wedding, birth, departure of a colleague or any event, offering a card to plant trees is an original and lasting gift for the present and the future. 

How it works ? 

  • Enter the name of the recipient of the gift and their email address (or your own if you want to send it by yourself or if you want to print your gift card). 
  • Enter the name of the sender and the personal message that will appear on your recipient's email 
  • Select the number of trees to plant that you wish to offer
  • Choose the occasion for which you would like to offer trees to plant
  • Click "Add to cart" at the bottom of the page then go to your cart page to finalize your order
  • Once their gift card has been received, the recipient will be able to plant their trees using the secret code on their card
Choose the occasion: