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About us

About us

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Our vision for the forest

Our approach

The French forest is today threatened by many phenomena : climate change, parasites, storms, fires ... It also knows a significant lack of means to resume management of poor or dying stands : significant costs are sometimes necessary to achieve plantations, works promoting natural regenetation, safeguard environments favorable to biodiversity.

Our objective is to work for the restoration and preservation of nature : to plant trees, restore degraded forests, adapt them to climate change and carry out actions to preserve biodiversity. 

The forest provides many services : it is a carbon sink, it preserves water quality, ensures soil stability, refresches the atmosphere, it is the refuge and the living place of biodiversity.

We want to transmit knowledge about nature to as many people as possible. It is by demonstrating pedagogy and bringing our projects to life that we are able to raise awareness and continue to make aware of everyone's role in preserving the environment.

Finally, we want to develop renewable resources such as wood : encouraging sustainable forest management also means taking action to produce quality wood in France and, more generally, promoting wood as a naturally renewable resource.

Emilie Parthuisot, Founder & CEO

Emilie Parthuisot worked for 8 years as a company lawyer through many areas of law, particularly in contract law, public and environmental law, real estate law and even urbanism law. 

Always passionate about nature and keen to reconcile humans and their environment, she decides to train in forest management, meets forest and wood stakeholders and founded Atmosylva un 2019.  This founding act brings together her passion for preservation of the environment, her knowledge of the forest and her rigor as a lawyer, necessary to implement projects for the preservation of natural spaces.