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Afforestation - Mimbaste (Landes)

Completed project

This project is totally completed thanks to your contributions!

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Project data
7,16 ha


Monitoring of the forest maintaining during 5 years, including work of vegetation clearing around the plants.


The plots will be the subject of a sustainable management document.

Afforestation - Mimbaste (Landes)

Le Projet

 The project is afforestation with an area of 7.16 ha in the south of the Landes department, with the aim of creating a forest on fallow plots and on an small abandoned agricultural plot, in the continuity of small existing wooded areas.

  • Plantation of taeda pine, a species more resistant to strong winds than maritime pine (risk of storms), as well as leafy species as an accompaniment: sessile oak and hornbeam for biodiversity and the fight against the spread of fires. These species are adapted to the site context (soil and climate) and to the evolution of climate change.


Landes department

Mimbaste is a small village in the Landes located 9km south-east of Dax, in the Hills of the Adour.

This sylvo-ecoregion is mainly agricultural, contrasting with the rest of the Landes department including the Landes de Gascogne massif. The hills of the Adour are made up of plains and hills dotted with very fragmented wooded areas and traversed by numerous tributeries of the Adour.

Nombre d'arbres restant pour le projet

Project actions

Plantation of 9952 seedlings of taeda pine, sessile oak and hornbeam

The participants