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Forest events

Nature and forest events

Fun and educational activities immersed in the forests

Visits ans participatory activities in the forest

Educational visits to better understand forests

We offer tours of forests in France, with commentary by forest professionals. These visits are an opportunity to learn by observing nature and to better understand the role of foresters in sustainable management.

Through these visits, we wish to transmit knowledge and raise awareness around the issues of French forests, biodiversity and of the forest and wood industry. 

As with our plantation projects, each forest and each territory is unique. We can therefore organize each event in the desired de department.

Participate in planting trees

To fully participate in the mission of renewing our forests, we organize participatory plantings.

Planting trees for a team building event, with business partners or involving schoolchildren from the region, the main thing is not to forget your boots !

Enjoying music in nature

Concert in the forest

We offer the complete organization of an instrumental concert, making only resonate the sound of wooden or metal instruments, in a forest setting.

The transverse flute, stringed instruments in all their forms, echo the sounds of nature, sometimes even the birds respond to the song of the instruments !

Proposal of a varied choice of musical programs

Depending on the theme of the event and your wishes, it is possible to offer several types of scores : classical, baroque, celtic, contemporary or a combination of several musical genres

The concert can be interactive

To go further in the exchange, the artists can involve the public by posing riddles on the pieces, by asking the public about their feelings or by discovering simple and natural ways to make music

The concert can be complemented by comments from the artists or simply give the way to music

The concert can take place without any words, simply following the program distributed to the public. The musicians can punctuate the concert with explanations of the pieces, the composers and talk about the instruments, especially if they are made of wood, because they also have a story to tell !

Living in the forest as a team

Treasure hunt and orienteering

A treasure hunt in the forest

It is a forest course in search of a treasure, immersing each participant in the heart of a story and a proposed theme.

The participants, formed in small groups, move from stage to stage in the forest and will have to solve riddles or complete challenges, in order to lead them to the hidden treasure.

Orienteering course

The objective of an orientation course is to learn to observe, analyze and discover the forest and its different facets while learning to orient yourself thanks to a simple map and compass.

Here again, it is a real teamwork, of listening and speed !

Take your forest notebook with you

Take your forest notebook with you

Botanical observations (here ground ivy)

Botanical observations (here ground ivy)

Discover forest ecosystems on your own

Forest and discovery trail book

Creation of a forest notebook to complete, independently during a day of observation spent in the forest.

The notebook is created according to the main types of vegetation and soil encountered in the forest, to understand the link between the types of soil, the environments and the type of vegetation present in the forest. The fauna is of course not forgotten, especially the micro-fauna present under our feet, in the soil !

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