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Afforestation Beauvoir-en-lyons (76)

€3,60 (Incl. VAT)
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Project data
1 ha


Maintenance monitoring for 5 years, in particular work to clear plants of competing vegetation.


The nearby plots are covered by a sustainable management document (Plan Simple de Gestion) and the plot to be afforested will be included in this document by means of an amendment.

Afforestation Beauvoir-en-lyons (76)

The project

 The project is a 1 ha afforestation project in the south-east of the Seine-Maritime department in Normandy, with the aim of planting trees on a small abandoned agricultural plot, as an extension to existing woodland.

  • Plantation of 8 deciduous species, an essential diversity in the immediate proximity of a Natura 2000 site: Sessile oak and Downy oak, Hornbeam, Norway Maple and Field Mapple, Small-leaved Lime as well as forest fruit trees such as the Wild Service-tree and the Service-tree, a tree that has become rare despite its benefits for biodiversity. These species are adapted to the context of the site (soil and climate) and to the evolution of climate change.


Department of Seine-Maritime

Beauvoir-en-lyons is a rural village in Seine-Maritime in the region of Normandy, 41 km east of Rouen, in the "Côtes et plateaux de la Manche" forest and landscape region.

This sylvo-ecoregion is dominated by a sub-oceanic climate and is predominantly agricultural, with only 12% of its surface area covered by forest.

Nombre d'arbres restant pour le projet
Price including VAT of a tree to plant
€3,60 (Incl. VAT)

Project actions

Planting of 1142 Sessile Oak, Downy oak, Hornbeam, Norway Maple, Field Mapple, Small-leaved Lime, Wild Service-tree and the Service-tree

The participants