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Forest Journal

Biodiversty in forest : habitat trees
Biodiversity is part of ecosystem functioning. It is largely stimulated by the micro-habitats, which are real little living environments sheltered by the trees. The micro-habitats are havens very varied depending of the morphology of the trees.
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2020, hottest year since 1900
According to data from Météo France, 2020 is the hottest year la plus chaude registered since 1900. The average temperature of the year reached 14°C, while the normal average for metropolitan France is about 12,6°C (climatic normals over the period 1981-2010)
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Wood Tiny Houses of Quadrapol : a sustainable and autonomous habitat that blends in with nature
We talked a lot about forests, of their important role for biodiversity and of plentiful ecosystem services returned by trees to society.
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What is a forest soil ?
A forest soil is a set of layers that overlap on what is called a bedrock, the geological terrain.
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Influence of trees on climate at a regional scale (Part 2)
Trees "drink" water from the ground, and evacuate a large part of this water by evaporation and the transpiration of their foliage.
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Influence of trees on climate at regional scale (Part 1)
We have previously seen the influence of trees on climatic factors at forest scale.
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