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Tree plantations and biodiversity

Tree plantations and biodiversity projects

Contribute to our tree planting project and preservation of forests environments

We always start from the needs of the forest

Projects in France, selected and rigorously monitored

Projects in France

Projects in France

Choose a project in the department of your choice, depending on the company's locations and the challenges specific to each region

Projects with various objectives

Projects with various objectives

Each project has its specific objective, according to the needs of the forest : creation or safeguard of degraded forest, sylvicultural work in regular high forest, forest experimentation ...

Rigorous monitoring of the project

Rigorous monitoring of the project

We endeavor to transmit all the information of the project and we ensure a follow-up of the plantations and the first maintenance. 

Ethical projects to be integrated into an ISR strategy

Why engage as a company ?

Highlight its ethical values

Support a forestry and natural environment preservation project isa strong marker of company's values and its ISR strategy

Raise awareness among customers and partners

Involve its customers and partners in a common and meaningful action. By proposing the planting of trees associated with the act of purchase, the company values the action of its customers.

involve your employees

Unite its employees, strengthen team spirit by allowing them to get involved in meaningful projects. 

Contribute to the preservation of natural resources and of ecosystem services from which the company benefits

Contributes to our projects, it is to preserve biodiversity for itself and perpetuate renewable natural resources such as wood. 

Anticipate environmental and tax regulations

The impact of our civil society on environment increases. Take action without delay, it is anticipating and being ready to meet future environmental and tax regulations intended to increase. 

Anchor your commitment in a territory

Our projects are located in France and identified by region, because each territory has its specificities and its local actors. Choosing a project close to its location marks a real consistency in the action of a company within a territory.

Many ways to disseminate its action in an ethical way

How to integrate tree plantations into your ISR strategy and your communication ?

Associate your turnover to tree planting

for a contributory and redistributive company for the environment

Associate a plantation with the act of purchase

At every sale or on a percentage-of-sales basis, associate tree plantation in one of our projects

Associate a plantation with loyalty points

The loyalty points of your customers allow them to plant trees on our site

Plant trees for a sporting event or a big contest

What could be better than combining sports performance or a big contest to tree planting ?

Plant trees for your employees

For the arrival of an employee or within the framework of the works council, planting trees also becomes collaborative !

Plant trees for your business partners

Plant trees together to establish a partnership that brings together common values.

There are two ways to plant your crops

How to plant your trees ?

Plant your trees directly

Plant as many trees as you want directly in one of our current projects or in a project dedicated to your firm

Plant trees
Involve your stakeholders with codes to plant trees

The codes offered allow to plant trees directrly on Atmosylva website, for a participatory and sensitizing action

Event code

Event code

Submit a unique code for a targeted operation


Ex : Greenday 2021

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Individual codes in thousands

Individual codes in thousands

Personal codes for your clients and stakeholders

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Tree plantation gift card

Tree plantation gift card

Offer a personalized gift card to the person of your choice !

Offer a tree
Each project requires a specific response

Joint projects or projects dedicated to your firm

3 € HT  / Tree

Plant trees in one of our projects :

  • Planting certificate
  • Project fact sheet
  • Receive project news for five years
  • Firm name on the joint project page
Planting trees
Nature projects / biodiversity
Price  / Project

Forestry experiments / Restoration of natural environments / Forest with continuous cover

  • Project certificate
  • Project fact sheet
  • Receive project news during its duration
  • Project page dedicated to your firm, describing its commitment to the project and the associated operation
  • Project visits included
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Existing projects or on demand

Few examples of projects

Our current projects

Our current projects

Discover our current projects

We develop projects on demand

We develop projects on demand

Request a new project

Multifunctional forests - continuous cover

Multifunctional forests - continuous cover

Discover our projects

Forestry experimentation

Forestry experimentation

Discover our projects


Ask us your questions

Join the community of forest stakeholders

Take part in forest preservation actions

Planted trees
740tons eq CO2
CO2 absorbed
Micro-habitats for animals
4936kg of Oxygen / year
Oxygen producted