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Biodiversty in forest : habitat trees
Biodiversity is part of ecosystem functioning. It is largely stimulated by the micro-habitats, which are real little living environments sheltered by the trees. The micro-habitats are havens very varied depending of the morphology of the trees.
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Potential biodiversity index
In a previous article, we saw what forest biodiversity is: a diversity of species, ecosystems and functional diversity of living beings.
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Biodiversity and interactions essential to trees
Inspired by a comprehensive book entitled "Dix facteurs clés pour la diversité des espèces en forêt - Comprendre l'Indice de Biodiversité Potentielle (IBP)", by C. Emberger, L. Larrieu and P. Gonin, published by the Centre National de la Propriété Forestière.
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What is forest biodiversity ?
It is often said that forests are a major reservoir of biodiversity for the planet. We hear more and more about biodiversity, but we don't necessarily, but we don't necessarily realise the extent of what it covers.
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