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Forest with continuous cover

Silvicultural work in irregular high forest

Silvicultural work with "continuous cover" promotes soil preservation and biodiversity in the forest through soft forestry

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The principle

Irregular high forest

The objective is to manage forests through silviculture with continuous cover, with gentle silviculture. This method causes forests to progressively evolve towards a harvest of quality wood through targeted cutting and work. It endeaors to preserve the diversity of species, ecological interactions and the maintenance of the natural fertility of the soil.

Finally, this type of silviculture strengthens the protective function of the forest (protection of specific species at stations, preservation of habitats, improvement of the forest micro-climate). This type of forestry is sometimes underdeveloped, for mainly economic and technical reasons.

Gentle and more frequent forestry interventions for monitoring as close as possible to the forest

The silvicultural work carried out

  • Maintenance and clearing of the passages for machinery (in order to limit the impact on the soil and on natural regeneration)
  • Pruning of young trees presenting a possibility of timber production in the long term
  • Clipping of trees for wood production or trees of interest for specific diversity
  • Plantations for enrichment and maintenance
  • Identification of trees of ecological interest, area of interest
  • Seedling clearances (natural regeneration)
  • Depressing in areas of broken or overturned trees
  • Project management mission, including preparation (dendrometric measurements), marking of works, contracting and monitoring of works
Several project surfaces

Typical surfaces

  • Forestry projects on surfaces of several hectares
  • Occasional interventions possible on smaller surfaces (Examples : 1 to 3ha)
  • Possibility of planning projects on surfaces of more than 10 ha in one piece or spaced plots
A real implication for these virtuous projects

Our support for these projects

Project identification

We provide a certificate of contribution to the project and all the elements of understanding of the issues, technical choices and specificities of a territory

Indicators of ecosystem services

We transmit useful indicators of biodiversity and socio-economic aspects - work of local forestry companies

Project follow up

We give news of the evolution of the project for a period of 3 years : photos, work carried out during this period 

Support for project communication

We support the company in understanding the technical aspects of the project to develop the communication elements specific to this type of forestry.

Your contribution is essential to the implementation ot these projects

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