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Propose a Forest project

Propose a forest project

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Your identity
(gradient of slope, difficulty of access)
Agricultural / fallow plot, existing stand (species, basal area / estimated volume, dominant height, average age)
In case of absence, indicate the document envisaged:
Simple Management Plan, Code of Good Forestry Practices, Standard Management Regulations
Grinding / cleaning; Ground work ; Purchase of plants; Planting costs; Game protectors; Maintenance over the first 5 years (mechanical, manual, etc.)
(indicate the percentage excluding tax of material expenses)
(Name and position: Owner, group representative, forestry expert, professional forestry manager, cooperative...)
Silvicultural treatment; Species to be planted (in particular desired diversity); Management objectives: forestry, hunting, biodiversity, public reception
(nature of the aid and amount)
Does the project present technical innovations, or benefits for biodiversity, soil, landscape, adaptation to climate change, water quality?
Municipality / locality, number and cadastral area
Nature of ownership
Ex: clear cut, thinning, scavenging, ground preparatory work, enrichment of existing stand, plantings (specify the density envisaged for each species), game protection, clearing, depressing, necessary maintenance (cleaning, clearing ...)
Ex: Storm or fire (date), parasite attack, silvicultural dead end, poor and / or dying populations ...
Give the type of habitat present if known. Refer to the station guide established by the CRPF for the region. Unforested plot: give the soil status.
Distinguish between the phases of the work if possible.
Ex: Cutting of the dying forest stand
(simple coppice, coppice with reserve, regular or irregular high forest ...)
Distinguish the locations