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Compensatory afforestation

Compensatory afforestation

Ethical solutions for your compensatory afforestation projects

Répondre aux exigences environnementales en proposant des projets vertueux et bien suivis

The chalenges of compensatory

A demanding regulatory framework

The forest code (Art L. 341-1 and following) provide for strict regulations on clearing compensation, both in terms of project definition and the schedule to be respected

A financial commitment to be mastered

If the company wishes to pay the amount, fixed by the decree authorizing land clearing, directly to the strategic forest and timber fund, it is exposed to the higher maximum amount, without really participating to the preservation of forests in France.

An ethical approach and image

The organization which takes the decision to clear the land without reforesting, exposes its notoriety and its reputation to criticism from many detractors. 

For a global approach to compensatory afforestation

Project management from A to Z = Time saving

Turnkey projects

Our missions

Audit of compensatory obligations

Analysis of compensation obligations based on projects identified by the company, upstream or after obtaining the decree authorizing land clearing

Establishment of compensatory afforestation agreements

Establishment of the compensatory afforestation agreement between the forester and the company or its affiliates, for each of the projects identified

Identification of plots, exchanges with the administration and foresters

Identification and selection of afforestation or reforestation  compensatory projects corresponding to the requirements of the clearing authorization order.

Contact and discussions with the administration to propose the selected projects for validation

Monitoring of compensatory afforestation and coordination

Coordination and monitoring of the realization of silvicultural works, control the correct realization for each project (Project management being provided by the Forestry Manager or Forestry Expert)


Alle the information of the project and of the follow-up carried out is communicated to the company

An ethical and sustainable approach to projects

Projects selected for their relevance and sustainability
  • Projects must have a sustainable management document
  • Diversity of species and adaptation to climate change
  • Promote the environmental and socio-economic co-benefits of projects
  • Choices of projects adapted to the challenges of each region

We send the complete descriptive sheets of the projects (choice of species, technical itinerary, the ecosystem services provided by the forests) and the follow-up information of these projects.

As an option, we offer events in the forest for the public or company stakeholders : educational and fun activities in the forest (visit to the forest, plantations, concerts, orienteering, etc). For more details, visit our dedicated page.

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